How to Kick a Field Goal in Madden 23

Field goals might not be the flashiest part of a Madden NFL game, but they often prove decisive in crunch time. In this guide, we’ll help you understand the nuances of kicking field goals in Madden 23. Continue reading to learn how to kick a field goal in Madden 23 with ease!

The Essential Factors in Madden Field Goal Kicking

Field goal distance in Madden 23 is determined by three core elements:

  1. The trajectory control offered by the left stick
  2. The Kick Power rating of your kicker
  3. Wind conditions

Other aspects, such as hash marks, superstar abilities, gameplay mode or style, and the player’s Overall/Awareness/Kick Accuracy rating, do not influence the kick distance.

Manipulating Trajectory with the Left Stick

The left stick plays an essential role in the game mechanics of field goal kicking. Before launching the kick, you need to push the left stick down towards your body, increasing the kick’s maximum distance. All maximum distance calculations in this guide assume the left stick is pushed down.

Understanding the Kick Power Rating

The Kick Power rating directly influences how far a kicker can deliver a field goal. We’ve formulated a simple equation that calculates the maximum field goal distance based on this rating:

.65 x Kick Power = Maximum field goal distance (with no wind)

For instance:

  • A kicker with 94 kick power: .65 x 94 = 61.1 yard max field goal distance
  • A kicker with 88 kick power: .65 x 88 = 57.2 yard max field goal distance
  • A kicker with 80 kick power: .65 * 80 = 52 yard max field goal distance

Make sure to perform this calculation with your current kicker, so you can confidently strategize for those game-winning or game-tying field goals.

Assessing Wind Impact on Field Goals

Wind conditions can significantly affect your field goal attempts. For every 13 mph of wind, you either gain or lose 5 yards of max distance. Simply put, for every 2.6 mph of wind, you gain or lose 1 yard.

To simplify, if the wind is aiding your kick, add 1 yard of max distance for every 3 mph. If the wind is against you, subtract 1 yard of max distance for every 2 mph. However, wind going directly right or left, or wind speeds of 0 or 1 mph, will not significantly alter your kick distance.

Applying the Field Goal Techniques

To fully understand how these elements come together, let’s consider a couple of scenarios:

  1. Scenario One: Your kicker has 95 kick power, with 4 mph wind assisting. Start with the basic formula: .65 x 95 = 61.75 yard max distance (no wind). Factoring in the wind, you gain just over 1 yard (we can assume about 1.25), giving you a safe max distance of 63 yards.
  2. Scenario Two: Your kicker has 80 kick power, with 6 mph wind against you. Using the formula, you get .65 x 80 = 52 yard max distance (no wind). The opposing wind takes away 3 yards, leaving you with a safe max distance of 49 yards.

Understanding the intricacies of field goal kicking in Madden 23 can give you a significant edge in critical game situations. Knowledge of exactly how far you need to advance for a successful field goal attempt will boost your confidence and reduce the likelihood of errors in decisive moments. Happy learning how to kick a field goal in Madden 23! Let us know if you need any help in the comments!

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FAQs About How to Kick a Field Goal in Madden 23

How can you achieve a longer kick in Madden 23?

In Madden 23, to maximize your kick distance, you need to pull the left stick towards you before executing a field goal kick. All maximum distances mentioned in this guide are based on this technique.

Is it possible to kick a field goal in NFL?

Scoring a field goal in NFL is feasible when these criteria are met: The kick must be either a placekick or dropkick made by the offense from behind the line of scrimmage or from the fair catch spot.

Has there been a single point score in football?

Scoring a single point in American football is extremely rare and has never happened. However, theoretically, it could occur through a conversion safety by the defense.

Madden 23 Kicking Meter Problems

If the kicking meter disappears in Madden 23, visit settings and locate ‘game options’. Under ‘placement and accuracy’, enable ‘reticle and meter visibility’. You should then be able to see either the reticle or meter in an online head-to-head match.

Can you kick a field goal on first down?

Teams can attempt a field goal on any down. However, a missed field goal results in a turnover, regardless of the down. Hence, teams typically reserve field goal attempts for the 4th down.

How many points are scored from a kick in football?

A successful field goal in football generally awards the kicking team three points. An extra point (or “point after touchdown”) is worth one point, and is typically kicked after a touchdown.

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